Social Media is ever changing, but you can handle it!

//Social Media is ever changing, but you can handle it!

Social Media success is no accident.

I was shocked to read a new article posted November 21st about the new updates in Facebook and Instagram, they are easily weeks too late to “announce” these updates but then I thought, not to our users that are not as obsessed about social media as I am. That’s sounds funny, but we are all drawn to what fascinates us…I happen to enjoy learning new ways to connect with people.

As I prepare to present my social media training, I realize that it is constantly changing but that’s not a deterrent for me. I am excited to, of course, talk about trends and updates but what I am realizing is that my audience has brilliant questions about social media and how they can make it work for their business; If I don’t know the answer right then I know where to get it…research is one of my strong points. We cannot be intimidated by change or the social media rules, they are meant to be broken!

Listen, social media IS FOR YOU, if you just give it a chance. You can use it for whatever you desire: learning new trends in your industry, networking, educating your audience, entertainment or yes even to sell your product or service. The most important advice I have for you, if you decide to use it to SELL, is to make that a part of the process. I love cars, but I used to hate that process, now I have car companies building a relationship with me and talking to me before they even get to SELL to me. Social Media has taught them that!

The internet is a great place to get your answers if you are diligent about where you are getting the information and ensure you check the facts. You can get the answer you want or the truth, that’s up to you.

With all of the new updates that are happening it should not scare you away but excite you that social media platforms want to keep your attention and up to date. this is good practice for staying out of your comfort zone and up to date. I challenge you to create a video and see how much more interaction you get…that’s what is trending right now…stay ahead of the curve and let me know how it goes, I’m looking forward to hearing from you. You’re always welcome to connect for questions!! Talk soon.

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